Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Local Competition

This article in describes one of the other Australian teams - a big player in a Porsche 911 GT3 RSR, and also involves a cameo by "Team Mal Rose 1" in a Commodore (their car was going to be an RX7 detuned to handle 24 hours straight of punishment, but they decided on the commodore) and "Osborne Motorsport" (us!) in a *mumble* Corolla *mumble*.

Here is the same article in the Melbourne Age.

Track Fashion

Bill's new threads have arrived.  Black satin with splashes of colour, will look nice with his red tie I suspect.


Sunday, 27 May 2007

The timetable

We both arrive there about the 5th of June, and pit action starts from the Wednesday 6th of June. There will be sporadic updates during both those days, but I suspect the main action will be during the times the track is officially closed for race related events, which is during these particular times:

Thursday 7th 0830hrs - 1730hrs
Friday 8th 0805hrs - 2330hrs
Saturday 9th 0830hrs ->
Sunday 10th -> 1500hrs

These convert to Australian East Coast time of:

Thursday 7th 1630hrs -> Friday 8th, 0130hrs
Friday 8th 1605hrs -> Saturday 9th, 0730hrs
Saturday 9th 1630hrs -> Sunday 10th -> 2300hrs

I am guessing the first two closures are for practice, with the Saturday being a morning full of support races with the main one starting at 3pm german time. (11pm Aussie time) and finishing 24 hours later.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

The Hardware

This is the team car.


It is a photo of a photo, so please forgive the quality.

Post 0

This blog is set up as a travel diary for our upcoming trip to the Nurburgring 24hr endurance race. Bill is driving, and I will be 'hanging out' in the pits documenting the event with my camera.

This blog will allow all those interested to keep up to date, as there is apparently web access at the track.