Saturday, 26 May 2007

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This blog is set up as a travel diary for our upcoming trip to the Nurburgring 24hr endurance race. Bill is driving, and I will be 'hanging out' in the pits documenting the event with my camera.

This blog will allow all those interested to keep up to date, as there is apparently web access at the track.


Anonymous said...

Mandatory reading the "About Us" section of this blog.
As a direct result of a reading just now laffs have been had aplenty in this household :)

So, car racerer and photo takerer by day. Lycra wearing superheros by night. Already I feel much safer an that.

*creative mode on*

Ferraris are red
Porsches (can be blue)
Hope taking the photos will be heaps O fun fur you!

*creative mode off*

tap tap and away

The Green Hellbound said...

*laffs* indeed. I thought that lycra business was to just stay between you and me...

Anonymous said...

waves hi from boppa
good luck you two
see if you can pedal hard enough to beat the transits time bill ;-)

Mandi said...

woohoo ;)

Can't wait for the "behind the scenes" pics - don't forget me will you *bats eyelids*

Are you going to get a race around the track too?

"lycra" hey? I can just see Bill now with cape flowing and undies (on the outside) bulging (from sh!tting himself during the first circuit!)


But seriously - have a ball - once in a lifetime opportunity!

Anonymous said...

G'day from Hottentot & Sharkboy,

Hope you guys have a wonderful adventure. We'll look forward to seeing what you all get up to. Drive and travel safely.

And remember - (from the Incredibles) "No Capes Darlink, no capes" - OH&S issues - get caught in rocket launchers, jet engines etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Laughing here (at the comments, you understand) and wishing you and your ca(me)r(a) work well.

Michael V said...


I'm green with envy, ya mungbeans.

Michael V


Anonymous said...

Its a good thing Bill is used to altitude changes, he is going to go through a few during each lap.

Probably a few pairs of superundies too.

Congrats D.O., and B.O. ...err "Bill Osbourne" :)

Very Jealous here,


Good luck, I hope your SuperCorolla last the distance.