Sunday, 3 June 2007

Serious players

Aston Martin
A month ago, Aston Martin revealed that they were going to go hard this year. Last year, a single car straight off the showroom (with relevent safety mods of course) finished 24th, with the CEO as one of the drivers.

This year, they have released a model specially suited to this track and will be racing two of them. One will again have the CEO at the wheel, and this time his co-drivers will be other suits. The other car we can only assume will be driven by professional drivers.

The other big player of last year's race, had two factory cars entered. The results show a 36th place and a DNF. (For comparison, the Corolla got 77th out of the 141 that finished) I cannot find any mention of them being in this year's race, so it looks as if they went hard, then went home.

A Lambo finished 20th last year, and this year they are back, with another privateer team to keep them company.

I have also just found this year's startlist from the official site. Download it here. (pdf format)