Thursday, 7 June 2007

Day 2

Today was another long day. Up and out at 5:30am and back in the hotel at 11:30pm. It is still light enough to read a newspaper at 10:30pm, which actually makes it feel like 5pm, leaving precious little time to have a beer and a meal and go to sleep.

Bill has been rather nervous of late. This was all exciting and a goal of his, but coming over and seeing the track for the first time makes it suddenly real. Seeing the team and the effort and skills they put into the car is sobering also. They are a well-oiled team, working with determination and precision and have done so for 12 months with the one goal of competing in this race.

Now imagine having to drive their baby around an unfamiliar and extremely unforgiving racetrack.

Having said that, he did a driver training course designed for n00bs, and actually did quite a few laps in the little rented Ford Fiesta. Now that he has been around the track, he is a little (*Bill says "A LOT") more comfortable.

We have good drivers, a good car and a good team.

Here is Bill taking his first steps onto the 'ring...

Entering the track

And here he is zooming past on his second 15minute lap. ;)

On the track

While he was throwing the little beast around, I managed to con a ride with one of the track officials - in the Audi in the photo above - I think I am still on the adrenalin high.

Here is the gratuitous arse shot for Wayne.

Pit Babe

As for this photo, this was a public road and not the 'ring...

I feel the need for speed


Mandi said...

who said you were allowed to have fun?! get back here and keep us informed :p

storm said...

I hope I never get to see that on *my* corolla :-)