Friday, 8 June 2007

Day 3

A quiet day. The car was essentially ready, and Bill decided he didn't need to go to the pits.

Instead, we went for a little explore around the track while some of the demo races were on. We worked out the pit passes got us pretty much anywhere, even to the paid spectator sections of the track many km away. We did a *long* walk through the gypsy camps in the forest to get to the Karosel, the extreme left-hander that looks so great. We found the the pitpasses even managed to convince some of the marshals that we were allowed up to the armco. While we didn't take advantage of the priveledge, it was nice to know the power a bit of plastic held.

We even managed to get a parking marshall to reserve a spot so we could drive there tomorrow instead of walking.

I got some nice photos, then Bill went back to the hotel and I experienced the pit action while racing was happening. A bit more lycra. ;)

I saw Sabine today, a single second of her face as she started to say "Thanks everybody, Goodbye!" and literally, a second later the crowd departed, and she vanished as if she wasn't even there. :/



Anonymous said...

Nice Pic DO,

Tell me, do they have much trouble with roos on the track there? Have they imported the famous stunt roo from Bathurst to liven up the race a bit?
And the sign is facing the wrong way...

Maybe its just an ad for Quantas?


Anonymous said...

"From: Bill is the new black ® 9/06/2007 4:55:26 PM

Subject: re: Off to the 'Ring, and DO needs a bed (NS)

post id: 3003916
Drove the Corolla for the first time in two session yesterday, and the first session was only two hours so that was only enough time for each driver to do two laps - Yes, it takes a [i]long[/i] time to get around the track!

Colin put in good times right from the start and the car is defintely a lot faster than it was here last year. We reckon it'll be about ten seconds faster.

My first lap was pretty fugly but the second one was not too bad and about 15 seconds slower than Colin.

My helmet speakers unfortunately are nearly useless, and I can hardly hear what's being said so we've come up with some simple signals to sort out when to pit.

Paul Stubber is still working hard to learn the track, but he's an excellent driver and is picking up the pace quickly.

The second session was much better, and I did three laps and they were faster again.

I'm apparently pretty much on the pace now so that's a big relief.

There's some more time in the car without punishing it, so I'll be working on those areas.

The track is utterly awesome at speed, it all unrolls at incredible pace and there's not a lot of places to relax.

There's a period of around four minutes where you are working all the time, no break.

I'll be back on the forum maybe Monday morning or so, your time, and until then I won't have internet access.

Guys, in a few hours I'm about to run in the greatest touring car race in the world.

I still have trouble believing at times I'm about to do this."

Anonymous said...

As the boys don't have net access at the track, go here for result updates for the team:

?The results are in German, so if anyone can translate, that'd be great. :)

Mrs Orange.

Anonymous said...

From: At the speeeed of Bill ®

11/06/2007 4:36:06 PM

Subject: re: Off to the 'Ring, and DO needs a bed (NS)

post id: 3006789

Hi guys, I'm back.

I didn't have the strength last night (my time) to do the internet thing and I've got a lot of other things to do today so just here for a short time.

We were charging along going pretty well there for a while, but in the first lap of my second stint the fog started to get seriously thick and we were crawling around like a blind man.

I got only halfway around that single lap and the race was red-flagged.

We then had to wait many hours to get a restart, and I was belting around minding my own business when the lap before I was due to come in for a pitstop, a couple of wheel studs failed on the FL wheel.

I got towed off the track, managed to find a jack and started to put the wheel back on (using wheelnuts from the other wheels) when the crew found me and finished the job.

I got back in and drove it slowly back to the pits where they finished changing that corner, but in doing so we lost the ABS brakes.

Colin took the car out then and had a bit of an off, but got away with only a bruised LR corner.

Paul then took the car for the last stint, as he was a little quicker than me and stood the best chance of picking up some places.

as mentioned, we finished 15th in class and something like 113th outright.

All things considered, that's not too bad.

That's a really short version of what went on, I'll bash out some more in the next couple of days.

As I'd been told and kind of understood - but I really do so now - We weren't racing each others, we were fighting the track to survive.

And we did.

Anonymous said...

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