Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The Wrapup

My apologies for the lack of action here. It turned out the Internet access at the track was non-existant, so we were unable to do any updates.

As for the race, the start was delayed by 1.5 hours because of a severe thunderstorm, but then started at 4:30pm with minimal fuss. At about 3:30am the race was redflagged because of severe fog. At this stage the Corolla was in 89th position, an excellent run.

The 5 hours it took for the race to be restarted allowed a lot of the cars to be repaired resulting in an almost full field starting again, removing the reliability and endurance factors from the race.

In the end, we finished 109th. (That included a wheel falling off. ;)

I have heaps of great photos, I'll post them up over the next few weeks as I process them.

Until then...

Bill Sherwood driving the Osborn Motorsports Toyota Corolla around the Karussell during the 2007 Nurburgring 24hr Endurance.

Aussies at the 'ring

And a Lambo Gallardo on the same part of the track.

Lamborghini Diablo

A night shot of the back part of the GP circuit.

Trailing lights

By the way, we never got to meet the Aussies (both of them) at the track who put up all the signs and flags and inflatable boxing kangaroos and crocks and stuff. I did find out that some idiot slipped while going over the fence onto the track the night before the race and broke his leg. Yup - it was the Aussie. ;)

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